Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, if you celebrate or Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, if you celebrate or don’t, or celebrate something other than Christmas, blessed be, with love and respect from all of us at G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal to all of you.

It has been a wonderful year for us here at Geeks.  We recruited new members: Debi Thorson, Darren Evans and myself. Sadly, our beloved witch, Dustin Cale, went on a leave of absence for schooling.  While we miss him, we wish him well.

I started January 5, 2017.  Being a member of Geeks has truly changed my life.  While the paranormal and supernatural has always been something I had experienced, explored, and was a part of since before my earliest memory,  I had never been on a team before. This being my first time as a paranormal investigator on an actual team, I had a lot to learn.  Not wanting to disappoint, I studied.  I started at a crucial point in the Spiritual Rose investigation.The review time, and boy was I a mess, in the beginning, every bug, every piece of dust, every pixalation, I wrote down.  A single hour of the investigation was 8 hours of reviewing and several pages of notes, front, and back.  Of that maybe, only one or 2 was actually paranormal.  I worked hard every chance I got to review the evidence, research the history, and do whatever I could to be the best I could be.  Something I want to continue to do because I truly believe that you are never done learning.

When I started,  GEEKS had 67 subscribers and I made a goal that I wanted to see that double before I reached my 1 year anniversary.. so I began to spread the word.   We now have 135 subscribers!  I am so excited and hope to see even more subscribers very soon.  Along the way,  I have met some great people. I made some great friends and had a lot of laughs, drank a lot of wine, did some silly things on camera {and I wasn’t always drunk}, which if anyone knew me they would know I’m more of a behind the scenes kinda person and here I was in front of the camera!   I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.  There isn’t one single thing that sticks out in my mind as the funniest because I can honestly say, I had many, many, many funny moments. On cam and off that I hold dear to my heart.  Too many moments for a   single letter.

My first real investigation with the team was a private residence north of Tulsa.  What a trip!  This is the investigation we were invited to by Darren Evans.  In my initial walk through my hand was hit by the entity!!!  I knew this one was gonna be a great investigation and it did not disappoint me.  In fact, nothing this year disappointed me.  I’m excited to see the many wonderful adventures we will be presented within 2018, and I cannot wait to share these adventures with you!                                                                                   ~ Victoria Osborn, Team Lead, Lead Investigator, Historian, Case Manager, nurse, sensitive, etc.

There are so many awesome things about being a ‘geekster’,  (This is what we at GEEKS Paranormal call ourselves).  One of the things I love the most is helping people.  Knowing I am with a group of like-minded individuals that also want to genuinely help others is what keeps me going and it is worth the sleepless nights that it sometimes takes to do what we do.  One of my favorite memories this past year what when Shauna and Victoria began yelling back and forth about wild penises.  It was so funny that even now thinking back on it, I am laughing.
During this holiday season, I truly wish for all of you to be surrounded by love and positive light.  I hope for the best that 2018 can bring to you all.
~ Kelley Preston, Assistant Case Manager, Investigator.

This year in Geeks… I came back from LOA (leave of absence) and met a great new BFF!! I did funny skits and that was a blast. Found bones of a dead body in an old barn while shooting pics. Got cool awesome new shirts. Became Assistant Historian and learned about the Tulsa race riots. Oh and shrunk into a midget!! Tune in for next year, I might get a wig.
~ Ricky Reynolds , Assistant Historian, Investigator

Meeting and working with the ladies at Geeks Paranormal was really cool! I want to wish all the members and all of you a very Merry Christmas!                                                        ~Darren Evans, Zemonologist, Investigator

Wow!  Another year has gone by and through the years I have lost members and gained members.  I have always tried to create a family atmosphere when it comes to the group because, in the end, we’re a family.  We spend a lot of sleepless nights reviewing, a lot of time talking and getting to know each other.  My biggest goal, however, is  to help people.  We may seem slow in getting an update up, a GeekSearch completed, or even a show completed, but when it comes to it, anyone that is in need comes before editing a show or creating an update.  Geeks have been busier this year than we’ve been in previous years and it’s been Amazing helping the families that we have. As the leader, sometimes frustrations get a bit overwhelming, but you have to roll with it.  You have to overcome it and look in the direction that would benefit the group as a whole, not just me as the leader.  I’ve learned over the past year that I have to make the tough decisions even if the person has been ‘family’ for a while. I’ve had to teach, learn, and teach some more but overall I love my Group.  I love how far it’s come and we’re just going further!
My favorite memory are too many!  This year has been a year of new beginnings and new faces and even a known face to the paranormal community.  I  welcomed some and lost some.  If I had to choose a memory it would be every memory that we have where we came together and accomplished things.  When we work as a team is when we work best.  Funny memories are too many to mention. 😀  There’s no way I can mention them all and this only takes a bit to read. LOL.

I have so much planned and so much I want for this group that ya’ll just have to stay tuned and find out!  A few  I can tell you is, a new website will be coming out as soon as the two episodes are completed.  There will also be more GeekSearches coming out and more reviews of equipment.  I want to thank you all so much for your support.  Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,  etc you all have supported us and shared our stuff. We love the interaction and the more the merrier!  I look forward to having a wonderful 2018 and even more great things being accomplished in the future.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkahs, Happy Kwanzaa, We wish all Happy Holidays!  Be safe, take care and I look forward to speaking with ya’ll in the future!                                                                                                                                                                    ~Shauna Summers, Founder, Lead Investigator,  Editor, Designer, Researcher, Jack of All Trades.


Mary Ann Cotton, She is Rotten!


What causes someone to become a killer?  A bad upbringing? A horrible traumatic life event? Years of abuse and neglect?  What would you think would be the proper ingredients to make a murderer?   I’m betting no one would describe the life Mary Ann had lived as one that would lead her to become a murderer.

mary-ann-cotton-fatale Mary was born Mary Ann Robson to a coal miner named Michael Robson and his wife Margaret on October 31, 1832 in Low Moorsley (now part of Hetton-Le-Hole in Houghton-le-Spring which is a part of the city of Sunderland)in Britain.  Her parents were wonderful, GOD fearing people who were a delight to their community.  They regularly attended church with Mary and her brother, Robert who was born in 1835.  A sister named Margaret was born in 1834, but died a few short months later. It is unclear how she died. Her parents were the kind of people that helped out where help were needed. They made sure Robert and Mary Ann was baptized at St Mary’s in West Rainton.  Mary was baptized November 11, 1832.   They were poor, however, she was well attended and had the best of everything they could give.  She was well dressed and well educated by her parents.  She was loved, and doted upon. Her father was strict and stern but loved his children very much. She seemed to have the perfect life. Maybe, their flaw was that they may have doted upon them too much.  But who can blame them for loving their children?

In order to give Mary and Robert a better life, her parents decided to move to County Durham village of Murton so that her father could work as a collier sinker (also a part of the coal mining industry, possibly a promotional title).   However, in 1842, tragedy struck the family yet again,  when Mary’s dad was killed in a mining accident falling down a mining shaft over 150 feet.  Mary was just 9 and a half when her father was killed.  Did this tragedy forever twist the young child’s mind? Her mother was forced to move out of their home after the tragedy because the home was a condition of Michael’s job.  Within a year, her mother married a man name George Stott.  It was thought that Mary resented her step dad at this tender age, though nothing indicated that George was a bad man.

At age 16, Mary leaves home to pursue training as a nurse in a nearby village called South Hetton, where she lived with a man named Edward Potter and his family.  She moved back in with her step dad and mother in 1851 after her job with Mr. Potter was completed. There she was persuaded with a job as a  dressmaker.  By age 20,  Mary met and married her first husband William Mowbray.

It wasn’t long before Mary’s killing spree began.  What caused a young mother, with a seemingly perfect life to decide to murder her own children? What caused Little Mary Ann to become the first recorded serial killer in all of Britain?  Was the first kill an accident or a result of what we now call postmortem depression or something far more twisted and evil?  Between the years 1852 and 1856, it is believed Mary had 4 children and one by one killed them all. These four children were only heard of when Mary confessed that she killed them; there is no record of them.

The first registered birth was of Margaret Jane born in 1856, murdered by poison in 1860.  At that time, unregistered births were very common in Dunham where she lived with her coal miner husband.  It was an optional service in the town to record births and cost the family money so many births and deaths were not recorded. They would have had to travel to another town and pay a fee to register their baby.  So why was this baby registered and not the first four? Did William insist on the registry? Maybe, he had his suspicions and wanted some documentation?

It wasn’t until around 1858 that Mary and William moved to North East England where recording the birth was provided in this town for a price.  William got a job as a fireman on board the Sunderland steam vessel called “Newburu”,  leaving Mary home alone with her young children and her current pregnancy.

Mary Ann had a habit of naming her children after children she already murdered so it is highly possible that the first 4 children she murdered shared the same name as the next 4.  Isabella Jane Mowbray was born in 1858, murdered in 1867. The second recorded Margaret Jane was born in 1861, murdered in 1865.  John Robert William Mowbray born in 1863, died in 1864.  He was the first insurance pay out of £25. mary-ann-cotton-doc-1-insurance Mary, then killed her first husband September, 1864, collecting the insurance money £35 (equivalent to £3,018 in 2015, which was about half a year’s wages at the time) .  The lives of William and of their children were insured by the British and Prudential Insurance office founded in 1848, yet wasn’t available for working class citizens until 1854.  It was presented by a door to door salesman, starting in Hatten Garden, London.  It is unclear how early this new insurance was available. Where Mary lived, she was able to purchase the plan for a penny per plan.  This was a new founded progression for the area, one which Mary immediately found a way to exploit for her own selfish interest. She was the first recorded exploiter of this new system.

She would take out life insurance policies on all her children from this point on, and then kill them to keep the good life.  Her evil and selfishness had no bounds.

Mary soon moved to Seaham Harbour, where she met Joseph Nattrass and fell in love.  It wasn’t long in the relationship before she found out Joseph was engaged to be married to another.  He refused to break it off and as soon as it was time for his wedding, he left her.  Mary was heartbroken and took off back to Sunderland, soon after Margaret Jane died.   She allowed her daughter Isabella to live with her mother and she went to work at Sunderland Infirmary where she met George Ward.  George Ward was an easy target because of his pre-existing condition.  As Mary took care of him, she kept him just slightly ill until they were married and he had taken out his insurance policy.  They married August 28, 1865.  He was dead just 14 months later on October 20, 1866.  Having lived the entire marriage continually being sick.  Still the doctors were shocked when he end up dead.

Not long after, she met James Robinson.   He was a widower in mourning when he met Mary. His wife had died leaving him to raise his 5 young children alone. The youngest being just an infant.  He hired her on to be his housekeeper and to tend to his children.  A week after retaining Mary’s services, John Robinson died at just 10 months old December 23, 1866.    James was devastated and drew comfort in the arms of Mary and she became pregnant.  During her pregnancy, Mary’s mother became ill and sent for her.  She went there and within 9 days, her mother died in March 1867, though she was showing signs of recovery before Mary arrived.  Mary received clothing and bed linens from her mother’s death.  Mary, also, brought her daughter Isabella back with her. April, 1867 was a busy time for Mary. She killed 6 yr old James Robinson Jr on April 21st; 8 yr old Elizabeth Robinson on April 26, and her own daughter Isabella Mowbray who survived until May 2, 1867.   After this, James’ sister became suspicious but Mary put on such a  convincing act that she was distraught over these deaths that it caused any suspicion to be put farthest from James’ mind.  August 11, 1867, he went ahead and married her. Without an autopsy these deaths along with all the others was misdiagnosed as gastric fever. Mary Isabella was born November, 1867 and died March, 1868.   George Robinson was born June 18, 1869.

James began suspecting Mary when she started insisting he get life insurance, had run up debts of £60 and stolen more than £50 that she was supposed to have put in the bank. She was also forcing James remaining children to pawn there stuff for money. When James found out about his children, William Greenwell Robinson (born 1857) and Mary Jane Robinson (born 1864) being forced to pawn things for Mary, he was done with her and threw her out. James got full custody of their son, George.

Now homeless, Mary’s friend Margaret took pity on her and introduced Mary to her brother Fredrick Cotton.  Margaret took care of her brother and acted as a substitute mother for his children.  But Mary needed Fredrick to need her as he needed his sister, so in order to get that from him she had to do away with Margaret.  Margaret Cotton died in March of 1870, with yet another stomach disorder.  Now Fredrick was saddened by his sisters passing and again Mary lend her shoulder and her bed to cry on.  She told him that she would take care of his home and his children and be there for him in his hour of need.  He fell for it, as all the others before him and within months, she was pregnant.  Fredrick married Mary September 11, 1870, though Mary was still married to James.  Robert Cotton was born January 18, 1871.

It wasn’t long before Mary found out that her former lover, Joseph Nattrass had divorced and lived only 30 miles away in  County Durham village of West Auckland.  Immediately, Mary moved her family closer to where he was to pursue her love.  Fredrick Sr died of gastric fevers in September 19, 1871.   Joseph moved in with Mary just a few months later.

While Joseph lived with Mary, Mary took a job as a nurse to an excise officer named Richard (John)  Quick- Mann(ing) who had small pox.  Not long after her employment did she find herself pregnant with Richard’s child.  For reasons that are unclear, Mary knew that the baby she carried was not Joseph’s.  She had to resolve the relationship quickly in order to gain from him what she needed. Their was no time for marriage so she manipulated Joseph to leave her everything in his will.  Fredrick jr was killed in March, 1872, Robert Robson Cotton died a few weeks later. She played the grieving mother well and Joseph out of love for her and out of concern for her well being,  made out his will to leave everything to her.  Very shortly afterward, Nattrass was dead.  Mary tried to get Richard to marry her, but he was not interested. Around this time, Mary took an insurance policy out on Charles Cotton, the last remaining child.

Scrambling to find work and getting more and more desperate, she came upon a man named Thomas Riley.  Thomas offered to hire her to nurse a woman with small pox but she had a 7 yr old without anyone to watch him.  She begged Thomas to take the boy to a workhouse because he was in the way of her ability to work.  When Thomas told Mary she would have to go with him to the workhouse because he was not old enough to go himself, she forgot herself and stated coldly “I won’t be troubled long.  He will go like the rest of the Cottons.”  and sure enough, Charles Cotton died one week later.

Thomas Riley asked the police to look into it.  The doctor again, tried to just say the death was natural causes.  Again, tried to say gastric fever. But Mr. Riley insisted and wouldn’t give up until the police asked for an autopsy.  The results was arsenic poisoning. The police authorized the exhuming of Fredrick Sr and Jr and Robert , all was poisoned.  Though Mary stated it was the arrowroot that killed him, she did not know it was mixed with arsenic. Mary stated that Thomas’ lied because she turned away his sexual advances. Mary was arrested by Sergeant Samuel (Tom) McCutcheon after the newpaper marryarrest.pngstarted looking into her life and realizing the tragedy that surrounded her.  She was charged with the murders of the Cotton family, though only convicted of Charles Edward Cotton.

Trial was postponed until the birth of her daughter Margaret Edith Quick- Manning Cotton  born in  Durham Gaol on January 10, 1873. She kept her baby in jail with her, nursing her until the trial and exhausted all appeals.  For two additional months the trial was postponed as they had a hard time finding a prosecuting attorney. Finally they settled on Charles Russell, whom later became famous for prosecuting poison cases.  Mary’s defense attorney was Thomas Campbell Foster, whom was the best defense attorney for that time and area.   He argued that it was possible that Charles died from inhaling the dye in the wallpaper that had arsenic in it. Though, Charles had a witness that came on stand to say that Mary asked him for arsenic to kill bugs in her home. He had advised her that he could not sell her this kind of arsenic without her having a witness with her and offered her soaps that was used to kill bugs that was not lethal to humans.  mary_ann_cotton_doc_21medicalprescriptionBut Mary, became upset and insisted on the arsenic stating the soaps didn’t work as well.  On March 5, 1873 the trial finally began.   All evidence for and against Mary was presented in 3 days and the jury came back with a guilty verdict after only 90 minutes of deliberation.

While in prison waiting her execution, she was visited by her step father, whom she hugged and cried as he held her in his arms.  She claimed her innocence to him.  Though George loved his step daughter he did not believe her.  He asked her, why, if she was innocent and could prove her innocence, did she not do so while in court. Mary exclaimed through her tears, that she was advised by her lawyer to remain quiet.  George kissed his step daughter on her temple and left with tears in his eyes.  That was the last time George saw his daughter alive.

On the day of her execution, Mary asked to speak to a minister, and as an attempt to get right with the Lord, she confessed her crimes to him, though she still could not bring herself to admit to purposefully murdering anyone. The most that she would say was that it was accidental. All of the poisonings was a result of trying to save them with arrowroot that must have had arsenic mixed with it.  In this confession, she spoke of her first 4 unregistered children and their deaths, as well as the long list of victims that she was not tried for.

On March 24th, 1873 a crowd gathered to watch as Mary Ann Cotton was hung.  They watched with satisfaction, and happy cheers as she walked with the patrol men.  Terror and tears filled her eyes, a tremble in her shoulders; gone was the cold calculated look that she normally portrayed.tumblr_inline_o7shggIcMW1u5tphq_500_execution.png

Do you think it might be possible that James was in the crowd? Watching as Mary was escorted to her death. Possibly cheering as the rope is tightened around her throat? After all, at this point can we assume he has put it together that she was the reason all of his children, except one were dead? That she would have killed him too.  What was possibly going through his mind the day of Mary’s execution?  Did he want to see for himself that she would die? or did he stay far away and tried not to think about it at all?  Who would blame him if he was in the crowd that day?

The executioner, William Calcraft, william-calcraftwhom was hired right before Mary’s execution had a reputation for cruel and slow deaths.  (It was thought that he was hired specifically for Mary Ann Cotton because of his reputation).    He took pleasure in his job and loved to watch the charged suffer as they died.  He was known for purposely making the hangman’s noose too short so that the neck didn’t snap but instead the criminal would slowly strangle to death gasping and choking on their last breaths.  They would twitch and jerk as they slowly suffocated to death.  Mary was no different, though as she was swinging and choking out her last breath, people heard her gasping out a final prayer to the Lord.  “Oh Lord”, she gasped ” receive my spirit. Oh Lord, have mercy upon me.”  Then a few agonizing minutes later, she died.  A black flag was raised to signify to the city that her sentence was carried out.  She was buried with her rope.

It was thought that there really was not enough evidence to give Mary a guilty verdict.  That if tried today, she would have gone free from the lack of evidence.  Everything they had against her, would now be considered circumstantial evidence, and even the poison found could be considered circumstantial, since the cleaning agents they used at that time all had traces of arsenic in it.  What do you think? Was this an innocent woman that accidentally poisoned her family while just trying to care for them?  Or a cold hearted murderer?

Mary Ann Cotton was significant to the advancement of the civilization in that as a result of Mary’s confession of the 4 unregistered children, the policy was changed.   Before Mary, only some towns registered births and deaths as an optional service they provided to families for a fee. As a result, many people went unregistered with no records of their births or their deaths.  After learning of the unregistered children she killed, the officials was so upset by the ease in which Mary was able to kill and the long career she had with killing that they blamed partly on the many times she moved and had different surnames, and partly because registering a death was optional.  This sickened the officials who spent the next nine months coming up with a better plan.  After much debate and changing of policies, they finally agreed that every birth and death needed to be registered and it became mandatory.  They, also, decided that they would not charge people to register, so that the very poor can also be registered.  They came up with a plan to administer a penalty if a birth or death was not reported.  It was concluded that unregistered births was punishable by a high fine, and unregistered deaths was punishable by prison time.

Children told stories for many decades of Mary Ann Cotton to scare each other and a nursery rhyme that is still known today:

                    “Mary Ann Cotton, she is dead and she is rotton,
                    she lies in her bed, with eyes wide open,
                    sing, sing, oh what can I sing,
                    Mary Ann Cotton all tied up with string
                    sellin’ black puddens a penny a pair,
                    Mary Ann Cotton, she is dead and forgotten,
                    she lies in a grave, her bones all rotten,
                    sing, sing, oh what can I sing
                    Mary Ann Cotton all tied up with string”

Trivial:  It is said that the picture the newspaper used of Mary Ann Cotton was an early version of photoshopped so that she would look worse than she really did because she was very beautiful and her beauty would have caused sympathizers.

Margaret Ethel lived until 1954,  having married twice and was a loving mother to her 4 healthy children that all grew and had happy lives.  Mary Ann Cotton’s only other surviving blood child George Robinson also grew and had a wife and children and lived a long normal life with no crime.

Legend has been told that that if you sing the children’s nursery rhyme by Mary’s grave site on her birthday, that you will hear the cries of children.  It is, also, said that the house she lived in at the time of her arrest, is haunted with young Charles Cotton and his father.  The house still stands today.

martin-london03Sergeant Samuel (Tom) McClutcheon’s daughter Louisa worked for Mary Ann as a 19858481_10207239558107646_517868155_n
seamstress and when Mary got arrested, she was unable to pay Louisa. Mary  Ann resolved the issue by giving her a sewing box as payment.  The sewing box is still in the family today, Martin Bowes from Attrition is Louisa’s great great great nephew.

~ Victoria, G.E.E.K.S Paranormal Historian



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Dish of Death: Story of Nanny Doss

HeaderHow far would you go if someone inconvenienced or annoyed you? What if that person was your husband?  Would you leave them, divorce them? Or would you murder them? Most people would never even consider murder to get rid of a person that they were upset with.  But for Nanny Doss, (a.k.a “Giggling Grandma”; “Arsenic N/Annie”or “the Jolly Widow”) murder was the only solution she cared to entertain… and she loved it! Stating many times “My conscious is clear”, and giggled with delight.
Nancy was responsible for the deaths of at least 11 family members from 1928 to 1954. It has been speculated that the number was actually closer to double that amount or more across the nation,18741565_10206943371783173_1902753278_n and possibly started as early as 1921 at just 16 years old.  She got away with the murders for so long, only because at that time autopsies were not a mandatory thing and usually only performed at the family’s request.  Countless deaths occurred all around her,  but they were never in the same town and she always acted like she was in deep mourning over her losses, so she was able to put out any fire of suspicious that may have rose up.  She loved the attention she received while planning the funerals, and may have been a contributing factor in the continued murders.  People would come from all parts of the towns to pay tribute and shower Nanny with affection during the funeral and receptions.  Another possible factor to the murders was the insurance money she collected from them.  During the interrogation, Nanny, stated that the measly amount of money she received was certainly not a reason to poison them.  She stated at the end of the interrogation, “I was searching for the perfect mate, the real romance of life.”  This was all she offered for her reasoning to kill so many. 
18741355_10206962210174121_450384616_nBorn Nancy Hazle (Hazel) to strict parents, Louisa and Jim Hazle on November 4, 1905 in Blue Mountain, Alabama, she was one of five children.  She was not allowed to wear make up or the latest fashions, she was not allowed to date, go dancing,  or out with friends.  Nancy (Nanny)’s father was an abusive, alcoholic that forced her to do hard labor at home more often than go to school, which kept her from learning how to read, write, or even do basic math. She realized at a young age that she liked boys and would sneak away to be with them.  This may have been due to her distorted view of love and sex from multiple rapes and molestation’s that occurred by the men in the area, and possibly her own father.  When unable to sneak away to see boys, her favorite means of escape, as she grew up, was to read her mother’s romantic magazines and fantasize what the perfect lover would be like. Her views of true love was forever tainted.  She had an unreasonable, unquenchable desire to find perfection and would not tolerate less, though her choices for suitors were usually womanizing, abusive, alcoholics. With the exception of Samuel Doss, her final husband, who was a Nazarene pastor and with very high morale.  
It is believed that a possible cause of her murderous nature was do to a train accident she18789322_10206967405303996_929289789_o suffered as a child of seven, when a train stopped suddenly and she jerked forward smashing her head into a steel bar.  Due to the inability to get proper medical attention, she suffered from severe headaches, blackouts, and depression.   Later on, she wore glasses, though she claimed her eye sight was fine, it just helped with the headaches. When the suggestion of possible insanity due to brain damage causing her behavior, she used the train accident as the excuse. The doctors, however, conducted several tests, and found her to be completely sane.
At the age of 16, and upon her father’s insistence, Nanny married a young man named Charles Braggs.  It was thought that she actually was pregnant at the time of the wedding and killed the baby once it was born.  This was a very unhappy marriage and she spent that marriage having many lovers on the side.  Charles was also unfaithful and like her father, a mean, controlling alcoholic.    It was during this time that Nanny began to drink heavily and smoke. She gave birth to four more children with the last baby born in 1928.  One day in 1928, Charles came home to find his two middle children dead on the floor in the kitchen, and the oldest child sick.  He knew that when he left they were all healthy, and except for wanting to go with him, they were fine. Nanny told him that they must have gotten into something, then casually offered to prepare his meal.  Not believing that their death was accidental, and scared for his own life, Charles left, taking his oldest daughter with him, unable to get the youngest at the time because she was still nursing. During an interrogation, Nanny jokingly told the that this husband was the one that got away and wickedly laughed about it.
Charles and Nanny divorced in 1929.  Nanny promptly moved to Georgia and began writing to men who had ads placed in the Lonely Hearts magazine.  The men that wrote in these columns were divorcees and widowers. 18716664_10206943381943427_1579223767_n It wasn’t long before a romance bloomed with Robert F. Harrelson. Nanny left her now one year old daughter home by herself while she went off on dates and adventures with Robert, having not told him anything about the baby. 18763427_10206961514436728_1002870101_nEventually the neighbors tracked down Charles to take the half starved and severally neglected baby.  Nanny would not see her children again for a little over a decade. 
Harrelson and Nanny married in 1929, but the honeymoon was soon over.  Harrelson, according to Nanny, was an alcoholic with a violent temper. In spite of this, the marriage lasted 16 years, before Nanny decided he needed to die. This marriage may have lasted longer partly due to the fact that Nanny would disappear for months at a time, and partly because Harrelson was drafted for World War II in 1940, coming back from war September, 1945.  After surviving the war, Harrelson was claimed by a different enemy.  18620455_1061279063974177_7353727230011450638_nNanny had taken his life on September 15, 1945.  Claiming her conscience was clear because he deserved it.
  According to Nanny, after partying with his military friends because the war was over and they all made it home safe, he had too much to drink.  While he was drunk, he persisted on her having sexual intercourse with him and she finally gave in.  The next day she laced his moonshine with poison.


It took several days before he actually died, a horrific and painful death that was ruled as a flu because again, no autopsy was performed.   Nanny used the insurance money to purchase land. 

During her marriage with Harrelson, she was reunited with her oldest daughter Melvina, and her youngest daughter Florine.  She must have convinced the girls that the rumors about her killing their siblings and attempting to harm them was a lie, because they fully trusted their mother.  When Nanny’s daughter Melvina, gave birth to a baby boy, no one thought not to let his grandmother hold him.  Nanny was asked to hold him while her daughter got cleaned up and rested. Nanny’s daughter, though exhausted and still affected by the drugs from child birth, was sure she saw her mother stick a hat pin in the soft spot on the baby’s head. 18685701_10206943381183408_1447525299_n Melvina, was convinced she may have been seeing things.  Later on, Melvina needing to get away after a particular horrible fight she had had with her new boyfriend,  left her oldest son in the care of Nanny.  This must have happened quite a bit because by now Nanny had already taken out a $500 insurance policy on her 2 year old grandson.  When Melvina came back she found that her son was dead. Without an autopsy, it was ruled as an accidental death of asphyxia. It was at the funeral of Melvina’s 2 year old, that other members of her family told her that when Nanny came to them with news of the newborn’s death a few months back,  she had been playing with a hat pin.  
From 1945 to 1947, there is no actual record for Nanny’s whereabouts, however, it was suggested that during this time she became involved with a man with the last name Hendrix from New York, who died suddenly with symptoms similar to the flu.
In 1947, Nanny answered yet another lonely hearts ad and married Arlie Lanning, after only knowing him for three days.  She lived with him in Lexington, North Carolina.   He, like the others was supposedly a womanizing, abusive, alcoholic. She took out an insurance policy on him and his house then killed him in 1952.  But an oversight was made on Nanny’s part concerning the house. 18742012_10206961518516830_1734328535_n  The house was to go to his sister upon his death, and she would receive nothing unless something happened to it that was covered by insurance. The house burned to the ground before the paperwork could be signed by Arlie’s sister and the money rewarded to Nanny, who in turn, was acting like the grieving widow, and now “devastated” because her home burned down. 18763381_10206962330537130_374546099_n  She moved in with her mother in law a few months later, claiming she would help to take care of her. Within a very short time, her mother in law suddenly died.  When suspicions began to rise and rumors were starting to circulate, Nanny moved from North Carolina.  
Nanny quickly moved in with her sister’s.  Dovie, having a broken hip needed a lot of help and agreed to let Nanny stay with her so long as she helped her while she recovered. Dovie was killed only a few short months later in 1953.  Addie, another of Nanny’s sisters met her doom after a short visit with Nanny. Possibly immediately after leaving from Dovie’s home.  Nanny was already gone by the time the poison finally killed her.
18789794_10206961522316925_475987743_oNanny married Richard L Morton, whom she met through the Diamond Circle Club, another dating site in 1953.  Though he was born in  Okmulgee, Oklahoma, they lived together in Emporia, Kansas. Richard was not an alcoholic, however, it didn’t take long before he started spending more and more time away from Nanny, in town, possibly with other women.  However, Nanny had other things to worry about at the time.  Her mother had come to live with her and in a very short time after moving in, Nanny poisoned her because her mother was “taking over her life”. Three months later she poisoned Richard by mixing it in his morning coffee right before he could go back to town. 
In 1954, Nanny again answered an ad in lonely hearts.  Though Samuel Doss was nothing like the rest of the men, he still fell for her.  18765096_10206961522276924_351543945_oPerhaps because he was vulnerable from the loss of his entire family to a tornado not long before meeting Nanny. Perhaps if he was not in a state of grief, he would have seen clearly that she was not the woman she claimed to be.  However, soon after their meeting, Nanny and Sam married and the lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Samuel Doss was a devout Christian that lived by certain standards and morals. 18787977_10206961515076744_1140024773_nHis high morals is what annoyed Nanny the most about him.  He thought her romance magazines and stories were filth and forbade her to read them in his house.  He, also, restricted the use of television and thought it was important to be to bed at a decent hour each night.  It was then she decided he had to go.
While most of her victims died after a few days of antagonizing pain, Sam Doss had it far worse.  The first time she poisoned him, she miscalculated the amount resulting in several weeks in the hospital. 18788044_10206961522076919_1672918783_nWhile there, Nanny played the devoted housewife and stayed by his side (though, it was more likely she was afraid he would put together what happened and she would be found out).  Once he was home, she decided to try again. This time she made sure he got a good dose of poison in his favorite dish: prunes.  She giggled, as she recalled how he ate them all up and spent the next few days suffering horribly until his heart finally gave out.  The doctors were mystified of why this man, whom seemed to be in recovery suddenly died, and decided they should do an autopsy so they can better help others that may fall to the same illness. They never suspected foul play as they ruled it to be a horrible flu and asked Nanny to do the autopsy.  The autopsy report showed there was enough rat poison in his system to kill a horse.
18741183_10206943380183383_461653659_nNanny Doss was arrested in October, 1954.  Nanny Doss was interrogated by two officers for hours without giving up anything. Hours turned into days, while the police kept digging up evidence. They were exhausted with Nanny. Nanny continued to play with them, laughingly telling them what meal she would cook and serve them.  Finally, Nanny’s manipulation came to an abrupt end and she 18762359_10206961515876764_159178028_nconfessed to the murder of Sam Doss.  She described in great detail the funny way he looked as he was dying, the way his body jerked about and how she watched him and laughed as he died.  After hearing her story, the police began suspecting others were killed in the same fashion and resumed their bodies.  Nanny had no remorse continually stating “My conscience is clear.”  The more she talked, the more victims the police uncovered.  Though in the end, she was only charged with the murder if Sam Doss.
It is possible that many more people fell victim to Nanny Doss, no one knows for sure since the poison affected people differently. Most appeared to look like the flu, food poisoning, or heart trouble.  How many more deaths was at the hand of this wicked woman?     
18742634_10206961521236898_1149106938_oNanny Doss died on June 2, 1965 in state penitentiary hospital after suffering for months from leukemia, never finding her perfect love.

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G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal Historian

Victim or Villain?


1906, a beautiful young 13 year old girl should have been playing with her friends outside or with her dolls , but she was working as a stenographer in the court. Little Laura Mary first crossed paths with Charles Reuter, age 36, when she was at work typing the minutes of events leading Charles’ first wife, Mamie, to sue him for divorce. Charles took notice of sweet Laura. Whether he courted her or raped her, no one will ever know, but he got her pregnant. Laura was forced to marry Charles in the fall of 1907 at 14 years old, though there is no record of the marriage, just to save face. He, then, took her from her family and friends in Illinois and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. While in Tulsa, he began telling people that he met that he was 30 and Laura was 20 years old, so no one would suspect anything. Charles made a living deceiving the public, so it was easy for him to convince people of whatever he told them. He was an attorney, politician, and head of the school board in Tulsa, so who would doubt what he said? However, there was another side to Charles T. Reuter that he only showed Laura. He was an abusive drunk, that took advantage of her when he wanted, but offered no love, or affection.

Laura tried to tell Charles partner how he treated her but, Ben Ramisay wouldn’t hear it. Leaving her to the only people that she could turn to, her neighbors, Guy and Stella Mckenzie. Guy was a contract well digger and Stella Mckenzie, his little sister. Guyguy_mug would often come over and help with the outside chores while Charles was away and Stella would help Laura with the children. It wasn’t long before rumors flooded the neighborhood that Guy was romantically interested in Laura, which got back to Charles. Charles, in a fit of rage, threatened the lives of Guy and Stella. Stella tried to explain that nothing was going on between her brother and Laura, but Charles demanded that they never return to his home. or around Laura ever again. He purchased a gun that he used to scare and threaten Laura. After that, Laura’s life became dramatically worse. Charles refused to allow Laura to even be around women, not allowing her to leave the home, accept to run errands. But, Laura was clever, and found ways to stay in contact with her friends. She devised a system to let them know when the coast was clear if they wanted to come over. She would casually open her blinds and put a vase of flowers in her window when it was safe, if the flowers were not there, it was not safe to approach.

When Charles would go out of town, Laura would sneak to see Stella in her home or stopping by to say a word or two with Guy. However, it all came to an end, because Charles eventually found out. After a particular rough night for Laura, that was well heard in the neighborhood, Guy came up with a plan to get Charles out of the picture for good. He knew of a man named Joe Baker that had already been jailed for burglary and thought he could be paid money to kill Charles. Guy spoke in secret to Laura and a man named Glover (Bud) Bellows who was the driver that took Guy out of Tulsa to Skiatook the day the murder was to happen to provide an alibi. Laura went along with the idea, and both Guy and Laura were to share the $500 expense they offered Joe to murder Charles. It was to look like a burglary gone wrong, and to further sweeten the deal, they told Joe of diamonds and a large sum of cash that will be in Charles’ breast pocket.

Once the plan was in place and everyone knew what they had to do, they put the plan into motion and on the night of May 5th, 1912, Laura opened the window to allow access to the basement. She used the agreed upon signal and the gun that Charles bought to kill the Mckenzies if they came over again, making sure it was loaded and available. She then took her children and went to bed in the bedroom down the hall from her husband. Bud had already drove Guy to Skiatook where he made sure to have many witnesses to have the alibi he needed. Joe was told exactly where to go to find Charles, and it only took him moments before he entered Charles’ room. Shooting him twice in the head Joe snatched the diamonds and the money and took off. At the firing of the first shot, Laura ran to her window and climbed on the ledge to give the neighbors a show that she was there and not inside.charles_grave

A solid plan, and no one would have put Guy or Laura or Bud in the line for this murder. The police decided it was a random burglary. All was good, accept Bud ,feeling full of guilt, decided to turn himself in for his part, revealing the whole horrible truth. He received immunity for his confession, only if He was a witness against the rest. Laura was tried in Bartlesville, Ok in front of Judge Hudson. Her bail set for $5000, but Judge Hudson had a soft spot for Laura and her small children, so he let her stay with her children in a motel, during the trial. After 28 days of trial, Guy and Joe were found guilty in a Tulsa court and sentenced to life in prison..

Laura was found guilty in Sept, 1913. The judge couldn’t bring himself to make her go to prison, and continued to allow her to stay in the motel with her children, Marcella age 7 and Johnny, age 5 . She went to see Joe and Guy in jail using the name “Mary Gordon” and begged them to say she had nothing to do with the murder. The judge, never liking the idea of her conviction granted her a new trial 5 days later, stating that the closing argument was too long and detrimental to her. The judge made sure she never saw the inside of a jail. Judge Hudson oversaw the next trial that began in January, 1914. Laura became ill before the next trial, but the prosecuting attorney had his doctor check her out and he reported that she may be faking. Laura showed up everyday of her new trial by chair and was acquitted of all charges just a few days after the trial began.

April, 1914, Laura was rewarded her home, and land and $850 of Charles’ money. She was never heard from again, though it is believed she married someone from her trial in 1915 and moved to Cuba. At the same time of her possible wedding, both Mackenzie and Baker attempted to escape prison but got caught.guy_headstone

Baker was given parole in 1935 with a full pardon in 1942, having no more trouble with the law. Guy Mckenzie was granted clemency in 1919, and was in and out of jail on other charges until 1938. He died in 1952 in Sand Springs, OK.

In 2015, a resident that lived in the home, reported seeing the ghost of a man, possibly Charles at the top of the stairs.

~Victoria, G.E.E.K.S paranormal historian


It was a breezy, sunny day in April, 1909.  The flowers were beginning to bloom, the birds collecting for their nests, children happily splashing in the mud as their parents tend to their chores. Life is simple, yet good, at least that is what T.H. Brown would have told you.   He was happily married to a beautiful, younger woman, successful, and had great friends- or so he thought.  After five happy years of marriage to the love of his life, Mr. Brown would have done anything for Nettie.   So when Nettie asked him, ever so sweetly, to take out $2500 out of the bank to travel west to Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  Mr. Brown saw no harm in carrying out her wishes.

Nettie V. Brown, born Netter Daniels in 1874,  had a plan.  This plan began taking shape in 1904, when she married Thomas, a single father of a 16 year old boy that was “slight in the head” named Pete.   Nettie wanted the good life and saw Mr. Brown as a way to get that good life.  He, being 17 years her senior was already wealthy and stable, as a farmer.  However, Nettie could not bring herself to love him no matter how hard she tried.  By their fourth year of marriage, Mr. Brown found out that Nettie and his son was having an affair.  Nettie knew that she would have to act quickly to divorce him, if she was going to get any of his fortune. With that, she immediately tried to file suit for a divorce.  Try as she might to take the majority of the wealth, the courts were not going to side with her.  Nettie was not going to get anything, and she could not have that.

Nettie decided to convince her husband that she still loved him and the affair was not by her choice.  She told him that his son had become too strong for her to hold off and was infatuated with her,  Her lies caused strife between father and son.  A strife that was carried to the grave.  At the same time, she began convincing Pete that they could be happy together if his father was out of the picture.  She told Pete how much she loved him, but that his father was mean and hurtful and wouldn’t give her a proper divorce. “No, don’t confront him about it”, she would tell him, “he will just take it out on me later.”  At first Nettie, jokingly, suggested to Pete, how if only his father was dead, then they could be married and have his father’s land and money and live happily.   As time went on, the joke became more of a plan and for nearly a year she wove her web of lies, whispering love and money into Pete’s ears. Hypnotizing him with passion and lust until she was sure he would do anything she asked.

Finally, the time drew near and Nettie knew it was going to be during her trip with her husband, or never.  She would bide her time. She had already convinced Pete that killing his father was the only option and the right thing to do or they could never be together properly.  Pete attempted to hire a man to do the killing but the deal fell through, and Pete had second thoughts about  it.  He wanted to forget the whole thing, but Nettie would not have it.  On the night of April 28th, 1909, with the moon high in the sky; the guest have long gone, and all was sleeping,  Nettie woke Pete up for the kill.  She advised him to use the foot adz and strike Mr. Brown in the head.  One strike was made to his temple, then Pete sat back and watched his father’s body quiver and shake until his life force had drained away.  Nettie, hurriedly, collected the money that was on him and instructed Pete to burn his father in a fire.  In the commotion of them getting the dead body into the fire, Nettie’s young niece woke up.  Nettie instructed Pete to choke her to death.  But after he had started, she changed her mind and ran to save the child from his clutches.  She took the child and lay with her in the wagon, while Pete finished the job.  Pete stayed up all night to continue adding wood and oil to the fire until nothing of Mr. Brown was left but a few teeth and bones.   Mrs. Nettie Brown slept peacefully that night, holding tightly to her niece.

The next day, they resumed their travels.  Calling for friends to help manage the horses now that Mr. Brown had disappeared in the night.  She staged a fight with a very, unknowing, Pete so that her young niece would overhear about calling the authorities to help look for her sweet husband.  She convinced her friends Cora and Bert Brumfield that she had money that she earned from other sources and would like to deposit it in their account for safe keeping until the matter with her husband was resolved.  She deposited a little under $2500.

The relationship between Nettie and Pete changed almost immediately as she began to treat him as a imbecile.  When she made it to her sister’s home for a visit, her sister thought it was queer how they acted towards each other.  Not of a mother and son, yet not of two lovers either.  They were distant and secretive even with each other.   The couple remained there three days before Pete headed to Texas.  He continued to correspond with Nettie, though she had little interest in him anymore.

Soon, with Pete away from Nettie’s manipulation, he began to think for himself and was burdened with guilt.  He turned himself in for the murder of his father and even showed the authorities where his father was burned.  But, after listening to his confession and realizing that he was just a boy and unintelligent, the state offered him immunity for his crime,  if he testified against Nettie.

At the finish of the trial on February 14, 1910, the jury took only three hours to find Nettie V. Brown guilty of murder and given life in prison.  Pete remained in jail until the conclusion of the case and all appeals.  Nettie appealed for three years, while doing hard labor in McAlester prison, but all her appeals were denied.

~~ Victoria, Historian
Sourced: Gateway to Oklahoma history, newspaper archives.

Getting to Know the new G.E.E.K.S: G.E.E.K.S Paranormal.

It has been awhile since we have updated our blog and we apologize. A lot has happened in that time. First, we are now G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal. Why you may ask? This change was made because there are other geek groups out there and we wanted you to be able to find us better! Along with that small change, a bigger change has been made as well! Our group! Some have gone onto other things in there lives and will be missed, and then we have others that joined.

Let me introduce you to the GEEKSTERS:

First, we have the original two members. Shauna, the founder and leader. Shauna has served in the military, devoting 3 years of her life to the service. She’s a mother of 3, and a wife and loves pit bulls, music, web design, and of course, the paranormal. She
works as a Technical Support Analyst for a local company.

Kelley, the case manager. Kelley is a single, Christian lady with a passion for art, cooking, her family, friends, and of course, the paranormal. Kelley loves life and chooses to live life to the fullest everyday, as she continues to win her battle with cancer.

Now on to the new GEEKSTERS!

Debi, our co-case manager. Debi is a manager at a local store. She is a
Christian family woman, with a passion for dogs, family and friends. She currently has 6 dogs! Along with her previous loves, she also reenacts the medieval times as a member of a group of called SCA.  Debi has joined our team recently, bringing with her previous experience with the paranormal.

I am Vicki, and I am the historian. I will be responsible for researching the history of any place we investigate. However; only after I have done the initial investigation so that I can enter the place without a preconceived idea of what may be there. Why? Because, I am a sensitive/ empath and will use that to see if I can feel any paranormal presence. I work in the nursing field, I am mother, an animal lover and I own cats. I am an ordained minister, and continue my training in Christian leadership, along with a passion for art, music, photography, and spending time with family and friends.

We at G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal celebrate the individual that you are, meaning we respect whatever you choose to believe and will do our best to conduct our investigation and basic cleansings in your establishment in a way that honors your beliefs. We do not judge or condemn. We will not try to get you to change your views. We will investigate your property at no cost to you. However, donations are very much appreciated.

Each member of G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal needs to pass a criminal background check for your protection, along with a strict code of conduct. We do this all on our free time, as we all have families. During each investigation we do, the money comes from donations and out of our own pockets to help assist anyone in need.

Each week, I will attempt to research a topic and write about it, to include facts and offer my viewpoints on the topic I choose at the time.


I am open to hearing your viewpoints on the matter and encourage it. I only ask that any comments will be respectable. You have a right to your beliefs and thoughts, as do I. Please do not hesitate to express yours! However, this is not a place to personally bash or bully. I will not tolerate comments that is degrading to anyone. If someone leaves a comment that is not what you believe, that is okay, you do not have to believe that
way, but you do have to respect that they have the right to believe that way if they want. Those comments showing disgrace or bullying will be DELETED!

That being said, I hope you will enjoy our blogs and please feel free to comment.

— Victoria Osborn
Geeks Paranormal
Historian/ Investigator

New Intro and more

So I finally finished the new intro. I tweaked it a bit and made it look more professional than it did. I am very proud of it, and so is the team so I guess that’s what counts. 🙂 One thing I’m glad I learned at the Art Institute was to keep researching and keep learning because there are new things that come out every day. I’m working on something for a magazine right now, but when that’s completed, I’ll have the video up for the the TB Hospital we did. It was amazing! Thanks for liking us!


Here’s the vid:

May 1, 2015 Investigation

Hello all!

Well we had a big investigation at the beginning of May.  Big for us, because we’ve never done a 7 story TB hospital before, and what an experience it was.  I also found out that it’s hard to get review done when everyone is working and you have a 1 year old that needs your attention a lot! 😛   We’re in the process of wrapping things up from that investigation and putting it all together in a video, it’s taking some time and I’m sorry about that, but we’ve got some awesome goodies from this. 🙂  Stay tuned and I’ll be happy to share.




Wow! Such a long time of silence!. We are so sorry about that. We will have some updates soon, with some evidence from all of our investigations soon! Until then happy investigating!  -Sha

Investigation 11/9/14

We had an investigation on 11/9/14 at an undisclosed location. While we can’t say where it was located we will say we have found many many things in the residence that was very exciting to catch. Will have images and vid on the web site as soon as we get it rolling. 😛 We have a new one coming up that’s going to be exciting as well, but until then have a safe and happy holiday from us at G.E.E.K.S.!